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Golden Take is Media Production House is a full service, media production House serving national and international clients. Our services span all phases of a project; from concept development through distribution, and any part there of. “golden take” provides full support throughout the process; our skilled professionals bring a passion for film/video production to each project, with a focus on creativity and excellent quality.

We work hard to bring a professional demeanor to our projects, not only in knowledge of equipment and techniques, but also in customer service. Our clients are truly proud of their productions and have fun along the way. When we show up on set, often at a client’s facility, the mood of the entire staff changes. Everyone is excited by the cameras, lights and other gear, and is eager to participate in the creative process. Many will joke about being “discovered.” This is your video production project , so enjoy the ride!

Video production is a creative, rewarding effort, made truly enjoyable by working with highly capable video producers like GOLDEN TAKE for media solutions ’ team. If you’re looking for a video production company, there’s only one name you need to know: GOLDEN TAKE !

Golden Take is Media Production House provides full support throughout the media production project. If you have never produced a video before, we lead you through every phase of the process. Where you have concerns about budget, we work with you to leverage the most “bang for the buck.” We work hard to bring a professional demeanor to our projects, in knowledge of equipment, technique, and customer service.  

At GOLDEN TAKE , we don’t settle for anything less than our best. We strive to push ourselves, whatever the parameters. We work within our means, but always find creative approaches to aim high and do the greatest work we can, while also seeking to learn and grow along the way.

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